Make a fun and useful calendar to help inform the diverse WIC population—nearly 9 million of America’s low-income, nutritionally at-risk women, infants and children—about good nutrition and healthy choices.

Working with a national task force representing more than 2,000 local WIC agencies in regions around the country, KINETIK annually blends a unique concept with recipes, cooking tips, and information on healthy choices.

The 2018 calendar takes an inviting approach with whimsical hand-drawn illustrations and typography to bring the “12 months to a healthier lifestyle” theme to life. The calendar recognizes the realities busy parents face and presents small steps each month that families can take to get healthy.

As always, healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes are a major feature of the calendar. Beautiful color photography highlight both the original ingredients and the prepared recipes so that calendar recipients can use the publication forever as a cookbook with the added bonus of extra tips for healthy habits.

Online resources are provided each month in the form of a simple question so that users can evaluate how they are doing to reach their goals. Hashtags throughout invite WIC moms to share their own stories and learn what others are doing on their paths to a healthy way of life.

A companion pocket calendar complements the wall calendar so that WIC clients may easily carry the recipes with them to the grocery store and to WIC appointments.