Create a mobile-friendly website to share engineering innovations and encourage users to submit their own ideas and projects, spreading news about inspiring infrastructure initiatives that could shape the future.

The colorful and bold design sets ASCE apart in the engineering advocacy environment. The site’s content is organized in multiple ways to appeal to various users—topical based on major infrastructure categories, geographic via an interactive map, and randomly on the home page to show the breadth of game-changing solutions on the site.

To promote the launch of #GameChangers, KINETIK built on the colorful and bold grid of the site to create a custom wrap for a sketch book and a package that holds a 64-piece Lego Creator building blocks set. Recipients could put their own power of creativity to work drawing and writing or building three different configurations of Lego construction vehicles. The promo packaging features brief and inspiring messaging about the website along with an emphasis on the URL and an invitation to “Think Big. Build Smart.”