Build a brand for the National Association of Independent Schools’ annual People of Color Conference (PoCC), the flagship of the association’s commitment to equity and justice in teaching and learning.

The theme of the 2016 conference “Advancing Human and Civil Rights: Fulfilling the Dream Together” complemented the conference’s Atlanta location with direct references to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and a call to action for independent schools in society today.

Because humans are complex with needs and priorities informed by multiple identities and intersections, the 2016 PoCC theme is a reminder that working together magnifies capacity to confront injustice and social inequality. To highlight the power of individuals coming together, the brand combines handwritten letterforms and evocative words formed of photos with people in learning, inspiring and powerful interactions.

The monochromatic, photographic words and their bold letterforms shaped the striking visual identity of the digital and print communications for the conference. The block letters and handwritten text scaled across various media platforms—from the app and website, to conference signage and main stage presentations, to the printed conference program.