NAIS Mission
NAIS Vision, Mission, Values

Collaborate with staff leaders of the National Association of Independent Schools to frame and strengthen their new vision, mission, and value statements and create a visual identity for internal and external communication.

NAIS, a thought leader in independent education, sought to boldly realign its stated vision, mission, and values statements to guide the organization’s future work with its members. Starting with initial statements and a set of underlying concepts provided by a task force of NAIS board leaders, KINETIK conducted an intensive strategic inventory of where the organization had been and where it wanted to go.

KINETIK collected staff input at multiple stages and completed comprehensive trend and competitive analyses to identify the undeniably unique qualities of the nonprofit association. The vision ultimately comprised three main elements about the organization’s future—inclusivity, uniqueness, and a constant lens of equity.

Once the vision was solidified, the mission—the organization’s method for bringing it closer to its vision—melded a bold statement of differentiation with the declaration of what the organization does every day to achieve their goals. The values define the organization intrinsically and are its deeply held beliefs that shape all activities. The five values stand on their own and also all work together to reflect and continually shape the organization’s culture.

KINETIK developed messaging and designed multiple branded print and digital pieces to launch the new vision, mission, and values with staff, board, and ultimately the entire membership.

NAIS Vision, Mission, Values