Make a fun and useful calendar to help inform the diverse WIC population— nearly 9 million of America’s low-income, nutritionally at-risk women, infants and children—about good nutrition and healthy choices.

Working with a national task force representing more than 2,000 local WIC agencies in regions around the country, KINETIK annually blends a unique concept with recipes, cooking tips, and information on healthy choices.

2020 WIC Calendar Cover
2020 WIC Calendar August

The 2020 calendar focuses on helping busy parents create good food fast. With an emphasis on the ease of preparing WIC foods, each month in the calendar features an item from the WIC food package plus a delicious recipe that is quick to make using that food and other healthy ingredients.

Nutrition facts and tips for buying, storing and preparing the highlighted food can be found in a playful design featuring kids on the move with silhouetted photography of the food itself. The prepared recipe is also beautifully photographed, helping users know what the end result of their culinary adventures will look like.

2020 WIC Calendar January
2020 WIC Calendar May
2020 WIC Calendar December

To inspire sharing on social media, WIC moms share their own stories each month about how WIC helps improve their families’ eating and exercise habits. Packed with healthy tips and kid-friendly ideas, the calendar is produced in English and Spanish and is a major outreach tool for the National WIC Association.

2020 WIC Calendar Spanish Versions